Frequently asked questions

Interim Federal Health Program

If you are a refugee or refugee claimant enrolled in the Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP), the cost of PrEP is covered as long as you are not receiving similar benefits via provincial government (e.g. Trillium Drug Program) or private insurers. Be sure to show your pharmacist the IFHP coverage document if this is your form of insurance.

Canadian Forces Health Care

If you are serving in the Canadian Armed Forces, your health coverage includes PrEP. You should be able to get a prescription for PrEP and get this filled at your base, wing or unit. An alternative option to access PrEP is to take your Canadian Forces Health Care Identification card (Blue Cross Card) to a community clinic and pharmacy.

Veterans Affairs Canada Health Benefits

If you are enrolled in Veteran Affairs Canada (VAC) health programs, you have coverage for PrEP. Take your prescription and VAC card to the pharmacy in order to get the medication at no cost.


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